All Notifications

There are features and functions used in Arista NetVisor UNUM and Insight Analytics that are common throughout the user interface (UI). Please refer to the Common Functions section for more information on the use of these functions and features.

Selecting Manager → Fabric → Notifications → All Notifications displays the All Notifications dashboard.

Select the applicable Fabric from the left-hand navigation bar, and the dashboard displays Notifications from the Fabric.

The dashboard displays a list of existing Notification entries by Fabric Name. Additional parameters include: Switch, Port, Event Type, Created On, and Message.

Set up the emailing of event notifications by selecting the Cog icon. 

Mark messages as read and unread using the Mark All As Read and Mark Selected As Read/Unread buttons. Select a row or multiple rows while holding the Ctrl / Command key to toggle the Mark Selected As Read/Unread button. Messages marked in bold text are Unread.

Manager Notifications - Multi-select Read/Unread Feature

Note: An FRG must exist before being selectable in the FRG selection box. Refer to Manage Groups and Fabric Virtualization for more information on creating and using FRGs.

Enter the search criteria for the selected Attribute or FRG and click the Search button.

Manager Notifications - Dashboard

Alternatively, using the Alarm Notifications message Read/Unread message feature updates the All Notifications dashboard.

Manager Notifications - Read / Unread Message Toggle

Notifications Search

A Notifications Search function provides a practical method of searching for message information. 

You begin by entering relevant search criteria. The message information updates automatically.

For example, a search for add reveals:

Manager Notifications - Search All Notifications Dashboard

Advanced Notifications Search

The advanced search feature mines the entire notifications database.

Select an Attribute and a search term and click Search.

The search filter displays in the dashboard along with the returned results. Multiple search criteria filters further refine the returned results.

Manager Notifications - Advanced Search All Notifications Dashboard

Email Notifications

Set up the emailing of event notifications by selecting the Cog icon. 

Manager Notifications - All Notifications- Email Configuration

Enter the parameters as required by your email provider or service.

Use the Enable switch to activate the email notifications service.

For example:

Manager Notifications - All Notifications- Email Configuration Examples

Select the Test Config button to send a Test Message based on the email settings previously entered. Following the Test Config, the Submit button activates.

Email Server Configuration Flow

Configure Email Server Flowchart

Please refer to the specific configuration instructions for either Google Gmail or Other email applications listed below.

Configure Google Gmail

By default, Google Gmail does not support less secure applications to access your Gmail account. If you try to do so, you will receive an authentication error. You need to change some settings to support Gmail for less secure applications.

General Steps

1)Go to the Manage Gmail Account page.

2)Select the Security option and scroll down to Less secure app access

3)Click on Turn on access.

4)Click on the toggle button, allowing less secure apps to access your account.

5)For more information, go to Gmail support for less secure apps to access your account.

6)Proceed to test the email sending service.

Warning: Google stopped supporting "Less Secure Apps" as of May 30th, 2022. 

As a result of Google Gmail no longer supporting Less Secure Apps, you will receive the following error message.

Manager Notifications - All Notifications- Gmail Configuration Error Message

As an alternative use the Two-Step Verification process and generate an app password.

Two-Step Verification Steps

1)Via your Google AccountSecurity2-Step VerificationInput password when promptedTurn ON (alternatively use SMS to obtain the Gmail code to activate 2-Step Verification).

2)Via your Google AccountSecurityApp passwordInput password when promptedSelect the app and device. For example Other (Custom name)Input app name e.g. MyApp →  Generate.

3)Copy the 16-character password.

4)Use the 16-character password with your Gmail username in your application.

5)For more information refer to the Google support link.

6)Select Enable.

7)Proceed to test the email sending service.

Configure Other Email Server

General Steps

1)Select Service "Other".

2)Select Enable.

3)Select SSL if your email service requires SSL security.

4)Enter the outgoing email server.

5)Enter the SMTP server port. The SSL port is different than the non-secure port.

6)Enter the sender's email in the From address.

7)Enter the password for the SMTP user account.

8)Proceed to test the email sending service.

Verify Emails

Verify receipt of the test message using your email client and make any required changes in the event of errors.

Manager Notifications - All Notifications- Email Configuration Verification

After confirming the settings are correct, click the Submit button or Cancel to return to the previous screen without making any changes.

The email service processes and sends Notification messages, as shown in the following example.

Manager Notifications - All Notifications- Email Notification Messages

Select the Cog icon and Disable the service using the Enable switch and click Submit to stop sending Notification messages

Manager Notifications - All Notifications- Stop Email Notification Messages

Note: You must Submit the changes to stop the email notifications.

Sending Emails

Fabric Manager generates the majority of events post-discovery. As discovery is an asynchronous process, these events are generated at various times during the completion of discovery.

Send Email Flowchart

Instead of sending an email per event, Fabric Manager groups these events. Grouping the events reduces the overall number of emails.

Certain events are not grouped. These include:

Network Change Events

Playbook Failures

After each periodic discovery, Fabric Manager sends a single summary email to the user, including any still present faults.

Fabric Manager sends an email on a fault found. Similarly, another email is sent when the fault clears.

Fault States



Retry on Failure

For various reasons, there may be a chance that sending an email fails. In such a case, Fabric Manager will retry to send such emails once again after one minute.

There are cases where Fabric Manager will not retry:

1)Authentication Failure: The user may change credentials after configuration.

2)Unknown Host: Host address changed.

In these cases, Fabric Manager displays the notification in the Alarm Bell and the specific cause.