Insight Analytics sFlow Connections

There are features and functions used in Arista NetVisor UNUM and Insight Analytics that are common throughout the user interface (UI). Please refer to the Common Functions section for more information on the use of these functions and features.

Note: As of July 2021, sFlow is no longer supported.

Selecting Analytics → Insight Analytics Flow → sFlow displays the sFlow Connections dashboard. 

The sFlow Connections tab is displayed by default.

Select the applicable Fabric from the left-hand navigation bar and the dashboard updates showing data entries from all switches within the Fabric

Usage Note: Before any analytics are collected, add a Fabric and install and activate a valid license.

Overall, the sFlows tab displays the following information:

Insight Top L4 Services by sFlows – displays L4 service types. 

Insight Top Clients by sFlows – displays the top client connections by host name or IP address.

Insight sFlow Packet Count – total count of all sFlow connections.

Insight L4  Services Count – unique count of L4 services.

Insight Top Domains by sFlows – displays the top domains such as

Insight Top Servers by sFlows – displays the server with the highest number of connections in descending order.

Insight Top Servers by Total Unique Clients  – bar graph of top servers by total unique clients.

Insight Top Device Vendor by sFlow – displays the top device vendor by sFlow.

Insight Top Switches by Total # of sFlows – displays the top switches by the total number of sFlows. 

Insight Top L4 Services by Total Unique Clients  – bar graph of top L4 services by total unique clients.

sFlow - Insight Details – data drill-down of sflow and switch information.

Insight Analytics sFlow General Features

Data drill-down, widget interaction, search and filtering functions work in a similar manner as described under the Insight Analytics Flow General Features section.