Configuring Virtual Link Extension in vNETs

Starting from NetVisor OS version 6.1.0, you can configure a vLE on vNET managed ports. This enhancement enables you to separate the management of the feature on a per tenant basis.

To configure a vLE in a vNET, follow the steps from step 1 to step 4 discussed in the Configuring Virtual Link Extension section. You can then use the vle-create command to configure the vNET and enable state tracking. For example, as an extension of step 4, you can assign the vNET vnet1 to the vLE  vLE-1 and enable state tracking by using the command:

CLI (network-admin@switch) > vle-create name vLE-1 vnet vnet1 node-1 leaf-1 node-1-port 10 node-2 leaf2 node-2-port 17 tracking

Note: vLE creation is not allowed on vNET shared ports.

Use the vle-show command to display the configuration.

Use the vle-show command to display the configuration.

CLI (network-admin@switch) > vle-show


Display vLE configuration.

name name-string

The vLE name.


The ID assigned to the vLE.

vnet vnet-name

The vNET assigned to this vLE.

node-1 fabric-node-name

vLE node 1 name.

node-2 fabric-node-name

vLE node 2 name.

node-1-port node-1-port-number

vLE node 1 port.

node-2-port node-2-port-number

vLE node 2 port.

node-1-port-desc node-1-port-desc-string

Description for the node 1 port.

node-2-port-desc node-2-port-desc-string

Description for the node 2 port.

status unknown|remote-down|local-down|up|down|disabled

The vLE status.

[tracking|no tracking]

Enable or disable tracking between vLE ports.

ports-state override|enable|disable

Ports admin control state.

create-time date/time: yyyy-mm-ddTHH:mm:ss

Time at which the vLE was created.

elapsed-time duration: #d#h#m#s 

Time duration since the vLE was created.

up-time duration: #d#h#m#s

Time since the last instance at which the vLE came online.

CLI (network-admin@leaf-1) > vle-show format all layout vertical

name:             vle1

id:               900ad7:0

vnet:             vnet1

node-1:           leaf-1

node-2:           leaf-2

node-1-port:      10

node-2-port:      17



status:           up

tracking:         enabled

ports-state:      override

create-time:      09:44:56

elapsed-time:     11m37s

up-time:          0s