Additional Supported MIBs
This module defines Entity MIB extensions for physical sensors.
The Entity Sensor MIB contains a single group called the
entitySensorValueGroup, which allows objects to convey the current value and status of a physical sensor.
The entitySensorValueGroup contains a single table, called the entPhySensorTable, which provides a small number of read-only objects:
This object identifies the type of data units associated with the sensor value.
This object identifies the (power of 10) scaling factor associated with the sensor value.
This object identifies the number of decimal places of precision associated with the sensor value.
This object identifies the current value of the sensor.
This object identifies the current operational status of the sensor (as it's known to the agent).
This object identifies the current operational status of the sensor (as it's known to the agent).
entPhySensorUnitsDisplay.1 STRING: Temp Outlet. >60
entPhySensorUnitsDisplay.2 STRING: Temp Inlet.
entPhySensorUnitsDisplay.3 STRING: Temp 2 BCM56960.
entPhySensorUnitsDisplay.4 STRING: Temp 3 OptoPHYJ5.
entPhySensorUnitsDisplay.5 STRING: Temp 4 OptoPHYJ9.
entPhySensorUnitsDisplay.6 STRING: Fan1 Inlet.
entPhySensorUnitsDisplay.7 STRING: Fan1 Outlet.
entPhySensorUnitsDisplay.8 STRING: Fan2 Inlet.
entPhySensorUnitsDisplay.9 STRING: Fan2 Outlet.
entPhySensorUnitsDisplay.10 STRING: Fan3 Inlet.
entPhySensorUnitsDisplay.11 STRING: Fan3 Outlet.
entPhySensorUnitsDisplay.12 STRING: Fan4 Inlet.
entPhySensorUnitsDisplay.13 STRING: Fan4 Outlet.
entPhySensorUnitsDisplay.14 STRING: Fan PSUR.
entPhySensorUnitsDisplay.15 STRING: PSUR Temp1.
entPhySensorUnitsDisplay.16 STRING: PSUR Temp2.
entPhySensorUnitsDisplay.17 STRING: AN Temp1.
entPhySensorUnitsDisplay.18 STRING: ROV1 Temp1.
entPhySensorUnitsDisplay.19 STRING: ROV2 Temp1.
entPhySensorUnitsDisplay.20 STRING: OP1 Temp1.
entPhySensorUnitsDisplay.21 STRING: OP2 Temp1.
entPhySensorUnitsDisplay.22 STRING: PS1 Status.
entPhySensorUnitsDisplay.23 STRING: PS2 Status.
This object provides a textual description of the data units represented by the entPhySensorType and entPhySensorScale objects.
The object identifies the value of sysUpTime at the time the agent last updated the information in the entry. This object is only relevant if the agent uses a polling implementation strategy, for example, the associated entPhySensorValueUpdateRate object is greater than zero.
The RFC and be found here.
Use this MIB in managing host systems. The term `host' is construed to mean any computer that communicates with other similar computers attached to the Internet and that is directly used by one or more human beings. Although this MIB does not necessarily apply to devices whose primary function is communications services, for example, terminal servers, routers, bridges, monitoring equipment), such relevance is not explicitly precluded. This MIB instruments attributes common to all Internet hosts including, for example, both personal computers and systems that run variants of Unix. The RFC is found here.
The MIB module to describe generic objects for network interface sub-layers. This MIB is an updated version of the ifTable for MIB-II, and incorporates the extensions defined in RFC 1229.