Displaying Port Status
Use the port-show command to display status information on all ports with active links. Details for each port include the IP addresses and MAC addresses of hosts connected to that port. More than one host if a network device such as a switch connects. The command also displays the VLAN of the port, port status, and configuration details.
To display all port information for ports 1-6 on the switch, use the command, port-show port 1-6:
CLI network-admin@Leaf1 > port-show port 1-6
switch port bezel-port vnet l2-net hostname status config
-------- ---- ---------- ---- ------ -------- ------ ------
Leaf1    1 1 10g
Leaf1    2 2 10g
Leaf1    3 3 10g
Leaf1    4 4 10g
Leaf1    5 5 10g
Leaf1    6 6 10g