Displaying Port Statistics
Display statistics for all active ports on the switch. This information is useful for understanding the traffic on the ports.
Use the port-stats-show command to display the information:
CLI network-admin@Leaf1 > port-stats-show port 3 format all layout vertical
switch: dorado05
time: 11:32:41
port: 3
counter: 0
ibytes: 2.82G
ibits: 24.2G
iUpkts: 176M
iBpkts: 0
iMpkts: 0
iPauseFs: 0
iCongDrops: 0
idiscards: 7
ierrs: 0
obytes: 884M
obits: 7.42G
oUpkts: 13.0M
oBpkts: 0
oMpkts: 0
oPauseFs: 0
oCongDrops: 1.89G
odiscards: 1.89G
oerrs: 0
mtu-errs: 0
HER-pkts: 0
HER-bytes: 0
port-speed: disable
The output headers have the following meaning:
switch — switch name
time — the time of the command
port — port number
counter — number of counters for the port
ibytes — number of incoming bytes in K (Kilobytes), M (Megabytes), or G (Gigabytes)
iUpkts — number of incoming unicast packets
iBpkts — number of incoming broadcast packets
iPauseFs — number of incoming paused fragmented packets
iCongDrops — number of incoming packets dropped due to congestion
idiscards — number of discarded incoming packets
ierrs — number of incoming packets with errors
obytes — number of outgoing bytes K (Kilobytes), M (Megabytes), or G (Gigabytes)
oUpkts — number of outgoing unicast packets
oBpkts — number of outgoing broadcast packets
oMpkts — number of outgoing multicast packets
oPauseFs — number of outgoing paused fragmented packets
oCongDrops — number of outgoing packets dropped due to congestion
odiscards — number of discarded outgoing packets
oerrs — number of outgoing packets with errors
mtu-errs — number of MTU errors
HER-pkts — number of vLE port packets
HER-bytes — number of vLE bytes