Managing Control Plane Traffic Protection (CPTP)
This feature is supported on the following platforms:
Nevisor supports this feature on the following platforms:
Control Plane Traffic Protection (CPTP) applies to the internal control, data, and span ports which all connect to the CPU, so CPTP protects the CPU resources from large quantities of traffic arriving from different sources such as control packets, cluster communication, fabric updates as well as the regular flood traffic, learning packets and copy-to-cpu packets.
CPTP classifies the traffic on the hardware to different Class of Service (CoS), and performs priority scheduling between them, and also applies a rate limit for each of the CoS, to protect the CPU resources and at the same time, provide a Service Level Agreement (SLA) for critical traffic.
CLI network-admin@Leaf1 > port-cos-rate-setting-show
switch    port  port-number cos0-rate cos1-rate cos2-rate cos3-rate cos4-rate cos5-rate cos6-rate
--------- ----- ----------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------- --------
Spine1    pci-e 0           100       100       1000000   1000000   1000000   1000000   1000000
Spine1    data 65           100       100       1000000   1000000   1000000   1000000   1000000
Spine1    span 66           100       100       1000000   1000000   1000000   1000000   1000000
On Netvisor ONE switches, display the following output :
CLI network-admin@switch > port-cos-rate-setting-show
switch: Leaf1
port: control-port
ports: 0
cos0-rate(pps): 5000
cos1-rate(pps): 5000
cos2-rate(pps): 5000
cos3-rate(pps): 5000
cos4-rate(pps): 5000
cos5-rate(pps): 5000
cos6-rate(pps): 5000
cos7-rate(pps): 5000
Modify the CoS rate settings using the port-cos-rate-setting-modify command. Netvisor ONE sets the rate limits in packets per second.
CLI network-admin@Leaf1 > port-cos-stats-show
switch: Spine1
time: 11:59:15
port: 0
cos0-out: 58.8M
cos0-drops: 180M
cos1-out: 58.8M
cos1-drops: 185M
cos2-out: 0
cos2-drops: 0
cos3-out: 0
cos3-drops: 0
cos4-out: 0
cos4-drops: 0
cos5-out: 0
cos5-drops: 0
cos6-out: 65.5M
cos6-drops: 1.06G
cos7-out: 483K
cos7-drops: 493M
To clear the statistics for CoS on the ports, use the port-cos-stats-clear command.