Configuring and Displaying Statistics
You can display standard statistics that consist of flow-based information collected and tracked continuously by the switch. To modify statistics logging, use the stats-log-modify command and disable or enable statistical logging as well as change the interval, in seconds, between statistical events.
To show connection-level statistics, traffic flows between a pair of hosts for an application service, including current connections and all connections since the creation of the fabric, enter the following CLI command at the prompt:
CLI network-admin@Leaf1 > connection-stats-show
switch: pubdev02
count: 0
mac: 64:0e:94:28:00:8e
vlan: 3
port: 25
iconns: 6
oconns: 0
ibytes: 224K
obytes: 10.5K
total-bytes: 235K
first-seen: 02-26,17:19:52
last-seen: 02-26,17:19:57
last-seen-ago: 17d14h6m5s
switch: pubdev02
count: 0
mac: 64:0e:94:28:03:56
vlan: 3
port: 128
iconns: 0
oconns: 3946878
ibytes: 4.50M
obytes: 13.5M
total-bytes: 18.0M
first-seen: 01-06,09:23:07
last-seen: 08:25:20
last-seen-ago: 42s
REST API - GET http://<switch-ip>/vRest/connection-stats
From the information displayed in the output, you can see statistics for each switch, VLANs, client and server IP addresses, as well as the services on each connection. Latency and other information is also displayed.
The latency (us) column displays the running latency measurement for the TCP connection in microseconds. It indicates end-to-end Round-Trip-Time (RTT) between TCP/IP session client and server and includes the protocol stack processing for the connected hosts and all intermediary network hops.
To display connection latency, use the connection-latency-show command:
CLI network-admin@Leaf1 > connection-latency-show
switch min max num-conns percent avg-dur obytes ibytes total-bytes
-------- ------ ------ --------- ------- ------- ------ ------ -----------
switch-v 0.00ns 20.0us 67.5K 76% 17.12m 32.9K 18.0K 51.0K
switch-v 20.0us 40.0us 2.74K 3% 1.64h 8.77M 123M 132M
switch-v 40.0us 60.0us 10.4K 11% 1.40h 22.0M 403M 425M
switch-v 60.0us 80.0us 1.85K 2% 1.10h 8.16M 127M 135M
switch-v 80.0us 100us 901 1% 1.02h 3.39M 53.5M 56.9M
switch-v 100us 120us 1.35K 1% 1.23h 5.49M 126M 132M
switch-v 120us 140us 801 0% 1.06h 5.67M 39.2M 44.9M
switch-v 140us 160us 545 0% 1.19h 1.88M 29.4M 31.3M
switch-v 160us 180us 1.08K 1% 1.21h 5.04M 82.8M 87.8M
switch-v 180us 200us 583 0% 56.77m 5.15M 72.7M 77.8M
switch-v 200us 729 0% 48.51m 2.57G 184M 2.75G
REST API - GET http://<switch-ip>/vRest/connection-latencies