Customizing Show Output Formats

The output generated by the show commands can be customized by using the optional arguments described in the following table.

Table 4: Show Output Formats

format <column_name1>, <column_name2>, <column_nameX>

Displays only the columns matching the list of column header names.

NOTE: The list of column names is comma-separated without spaces.

format all

Displays all available column headers. This output is also called verbose mode.

By default, show commands output a terse set of the most commonly useful column headers.

parsable-delim <separator>

Displays the output of show command by separating columns by the specified <separator> character(s).

For example, parsable-delim , produces a comma-separated output (CSV).

NOTE: If the parsable-delim option is specified, the column header names (titles) are suppressed from the output.