Layer 3 Table Validation

Layer 3 entries can become unsynchronized between the software table and the hardware table.

This is useful when routes are modified while the routes are updating on the network.

This feature adds parameters to the l3-setting-modify command to automatically check Layer 3 entries:

CLI (network-admin@spine1) > l3-setting-modify

One or more of the following options:


aging-time seconds

Specify the aging-time for Layer 3 entries, use 0 to disable aging.

convergence-time seconds

Specify the unicast convergence time on bootup (seconds)


Specify if you want to check Layer 3 consistency

l3-checker-interval duration: #d#h#m#

Specify the interval for Layer 3 consistency checker


Enable fixing of inconsistent entries


Two commands are available to manually check and fix Layer 3 inconsistencies:

CLI (network-admin@spine1) > l3-check-fix

CLI (network-admin@spine1) > l3-check-show