Modifying and Upgrading Software

A switch can contact an upgrade server, either directly or through a proxy, to download and upgrade to a newer version of Netvisor One.

You can modify the upgrade process for the switch and add a proxy host.

Note: This upgrade procedure applies to only one switch. To upgrade switches on the fabric or to create a “rolling upgrade” on the fabric.

What are Software Tracks?

Software tracks are a method for Pluribus Networks to manage different software releases available to customers. The software track, release, is the default standard track, but other tracks, such as Beta, may be available for download.

CLI (network-admin@Leaf1) > software-modify phone-home

Updating Netvisor One on the Switch

Pluribus Networks switches can send “phone home” messages to the Pluribus Networks update servers to determine if a new release of software is available for download.

1. To view the current version of Netvisor One on the switch, use the following command:

CLI (network-admin@Leaf1) > software-show

version:             2.2.1-202016524

track:               2.2-release

upgrade-status:      available

version-available:   2.2.0-202006524 -> 2.2.1-202016554

auto-upgrade:        disable

use-proxy:           no


2. If the upgrade status indicates that a newer version of Netvisor One is available, request an update from the server:

CLI (network-admin@Leaf1) > software-upgrade

upgrade successful. rebooting...

To check the status while the switch is upgrading, use the software-upgrade-status-show command.

3. To check the status of the switch after upgrading, reconnect to the switch, and enter the following command:

CLI (network-admin@Leaf1) > software-show

version:              2.2.1-202016554

track:                2.2-release

upgrade-status:       up-to-date

auto-upgrade:         disable

use-proxy:            no


Note: Allow plenty of time for the switch to download and install the new version of software. Do not interrupt the operation while the upgrade is in progress. When the upgrade is complete, the switch reboots and loads the latest version of the software. If you encounter any problems with the new version of the software, a previous version can be selected as the boot software.

Note: Upgrading without an Internet connection - If the switch does not have direct access to the Internet but can use a proxy server, enter the software-modify use-proxy command to configure the proxy and then check for software upgrade availability.  If there is no access to the Internet from the switch, contact Pluribus Technical Support for instructions on upgrading a switch offline.

To upgrade the current Netvisor One to a later release, use the software-upgrade command.

CLI (network-admin@Leaf1) > software-upgrade package nvos-2.3.1-203018600.tgz

The parameter package allows you to specify the name of the upgrade file.

To display information about the software upgrade path, you can use the software-track-show command.