Selecting Overview → Analytics → Insight Analytics Flow → Connections displays the Flow Connections dashboard.

The Connections tab is displayed by default.

Usage Note: Before any analytics are collected, a fabric must be added and a valid license must be installed and activated.

Insight Analytics Flow Connections Dashboard

The Connections tab displays the following information:

  • Top L4 Services by Connections – displays connections types such as https, http, and more.
  • Top Clients by Connections – displays the top client connections by host name.
  • Top Domains by Connections – displays the top domains such as and more.
  • Top Servers by Connections – displays the server with the highest number of connections in descending order.
  • Connections by State – displays the types of connection states as FIN, RST, SYN, or EST.
  • Top Switches by Total # of Connections – displays the total number of connections per switch.

Each individual tile contains a pie chart with a color legend that labels each slice of information with a specific color.

When you place your cursor over a name in the legend, the corresponding slice is highlighted in the pie chart.

Clicking on a pie slice, applies a global filter to the entire Dashboard.

As an example, filtering based on an application by clicking on the application slice, automatically pivots the entire dashboard around that application and the Top Clients, Top Server, etc., are now related to the filtered application.

Dashboard widgets can be enlarged for better viewing using the sizing arrows.

Insight Analytics Flow Connections Dashboard

The outside ring of the pie chart identifies the state of each connection. The color can be matched to the Connections by State pie chart.

Insight Analytics Flow Connection Dashboard - Top L4 Services and Top Clients

For example, in the Top Server Domains by Bytes widget, if you click on a top domain (e.g., the Insight Details table is filtered with only the connections associated to the specific domain (e.g. which is highlighted in the yellow box.

Insight Analytics Flow Destination Domains

The Insight Details table is customizable using the following features:

Insight Analytics Flow Insight Details Table Customization

To see additional details about an entry, click the   arrowhead icon. Table data is displayed along with JSON script.

Also displayed:

  • L4 Services Count – Unique L4 services count.
  • Connection Count – Total number of connections.
  • Top Servers by Total Unique Clients –Total count of each source IP address.
  • Top Apps by Total Unique Clients – Total number of unique source IP addresses by application.
  • Connections Timeline by State– count of connections in the following states: RST, FIN, SYN, and EST.
  • Top Servers by Average Connection Latency in µsecs – displays the servers with average latency in microseconds.
  • Insight Details – data drill-down of connection and switch information.

Insight Analytics Flow - L4 Services Count

The data displayed for each of the above are determined by the selected time from 15 minutes to the previous year.

You select the timespan to display connection data from several Quick, Relative and Absolute time ranges including a selection of time range of Top Talkers from the last 1 hour up to the last 30 days using the drop-down list.

Insight Analytics Flow Data Collection Timespan

Drilling Down into the Dashboard

Once you understand the information displayed in the Dashboard, you can drill down into the information and analyze your network.

To filter the entire Dashboard based on one of the Top Apps such as HTTPS (in the example below), click HTTPS in the Top Apps by Connections tile.

The Dashboard displays a filter at the top and the pie chart changes to reflect only L4 services (apps) using HTTPS.

Insight Analytics Flow Dashboard Drill Down - Top L4 Services

The App Count changes as well as the Connection Count, Connection Latency, and Connections Timeline by State:

Insight Analytics Flow Dashboard Drill Down - Connection Latency

Insight Analytics Flow Dashboard Drill Down - Top Servers by Average Connection Latency

To display information about the top server with the highest latency in Top Servers by Average Connection Latency, you can position your cursor over the IP address and the dashboard changes to reflect the server with the highest latency.

Also as you drill down, the Details at the bottom of the Dashboard change to reflect this information.

Insight Analytics Flow Reset Dashboard

To reset the Dashboard, remove the HTTPS filter by clicking on the filter bar and selecting the Trash Bin icon. By doing so all traffic is displayed again.