Insight Analytics Flow Custom Tags - Microsoft Office 365 SaaS Applications

You extend the use of the custom tagging feature within UNUM Insight Analytics Flow to monitor and measure the use of SaaS-based applications such as the Microsoft Office 365 application suite.

Insight Analytics Flow Custom Tags SaaS Dashboard

Widgets used in the SaaS dashboard include:

  • Client Virtual Machine or VM Kernel Name – displays the name of client virtual machines or kernel names.
  • Client Access Point – displays the name of the client access point.
  • Insight App Count – displays the unique applications in collection sample.
  • Insight Collection Count – displays the total number of connections in collection sample.
  • Client Port Group – displays the ports used by client group.
  • User Full Name – displays user names by full name.
  • Insight Average Connection Latency (µsec) – displays the connection latency over time. Rollover any data point on the graph for drill down information.
  • Insight - Connections Timeline by State – displays the connection state over time.
  • SaaS Provider – displays the SaaS provider by name.
  • SaaS Service – displays the SaaS service or application by name.
  • Insight - Connections by Switch – displays the number of connections by switch name.
  • Custom Insight Details – specific details for each connection type collected.

Insight Analytics Flow General Features

Data drilldown, widget interaction, search and filtering functions work in a similar manner as described under the Insight Analytics Flow General Features section.

Insight Analytics Flow Filtering Functions

Filtering functions work in a similar manner as described under the Common Features - Search & Filtering section.