Network Connections

After installation of the Pluribus UNUM Standard Appliance, network activity must be setup as follows:

  1. Connect the Management Network to Eth0 (1G or 10G).

  1. Note Eth1 connection is not required, it comes pre-configured with the following IP (Note this is used for internal communication):


  1. Connect VGA console and IPMI as desired. IPMI default configuration is DHCP.

  1. USB connections are not advised.

  1. Plug in redundant power connections with the provided cables ONLY and power up.

  1. Upon boot up, the Appliance Host OS and Pluribus UNUM SW will use DHCP to obtain an IP. The Host IP can be found via a console connection.

  1. It is highly recommended that the default root password of your Server be changed from test123.

To change the root password, you can do the following:

Log onto as root using the ESXi web client (or vSphere client if you have access)

VMware Welcome Screen

Select “Change Password”:

VMware Change Password Dashboard

Enter New Password:

VMware Change Password

  1. The Pluribus UNUM Standard Appliance, comes with the Pluribus UNUM software pre-installed. As noted will use DHCP to obtain an IP by default.

  1. You can find the IP of your Pluribus UNUM SW via the ESXi web client (or vSphere client if you have access), log in with the your newly set root password:

Pluribus UNUM Virtual Machine IP Address

In the above example, you will see the IP from your DHCP server, in this case it’s “10.x.x.x”, but the actual IP will depend on your DHCP configurations.

  1. If desired to set a static IP see Appendix A.

  1. Once you obtain or set the IP of your Pluribus UNUM, use a Chrome browser to connect to that IP for the best experience.

Management Interface IP Address Connection Port

  1. Please refer to the PluribusUNUM Installation & User’s Guide for SW configuration and current Release Notes for configuration and operating instructions:

    1. These documents can be found at:

Pluribus Networks Cloud Login Screen

NOTE: All content of the above documentation is applicable to both the Pluribus UNUM Standalone VM as well as the Pluribus UNUM Standard Appliance unless otherwise noted.

There is no need to download the OVA software as it comes pre-installed on the Standard Appliance.

The software upgrade procedure is the same for both the Standalone VM/Appliance and the High Capacity Appliance.

If supported between two compatible versions, upgrade software can also be obtained from: