Configuring Port Replication for Virtual Link Extensions

This feature provides a mechanism for link state tracking between two ports of two switches in the same fabric for Virtual Link Extension (vLE).

When a vLE is created between two physical ports of two switches, the vLE remains up as long as both physical ports are in the link up state. When vLE tracking is created on a trunk port, the vLE stays up as long as at least one port in the trunk is link up and the remote port is also up. When the last trunk member goes link down, the vLE is also brought down. Note that when you configure vLE tracking on a trunk port, you cannot configure tracking on individual trunk members.

vLE tracking helps achieve vLE high availability on Netvisor One nodes and avoids the need on the client side to run LACP for link up/down detection.

Use these commands to create, modify, delete, and show link state tracking:


  • vle-create
  • vle-modify
  • vle-delete
  • vle-show


To create virtual link extension tracking, use the vle-create command. You can execute this command from any fabric node to create a virtual link extension between any two switches in the fabric.

CLI (network-admin@switch) > vle-create name name-string node1 fabric-node name node-2 fabric-node name node-1-port node-1-port-number node-2-port node-2-port-number [tracking|no-tracking]


Create virtual link extension tracking

name name-string

Specify the vLE name.

node-1 fabric-node name

Specify vLE node 1 name.

node-2 fabric-node name

Specify vLE node 2 name.

node-1-port node-1-port-number

Specify vLE node-1 port.

node-2-port node-2-port-number

Specify vLE node-2 port.

[tracking|no tracking]

Enable or disable tracking between vLE ports


To enable or disable tracking between existing vLE ports, use the vle-modify command:


CLI (network-admin@switch) > vle-modify name name-string tracking|no tracking



Modify virtual link extension tracking

name name-string

Modify the vLE name

tracking|no tracking

Enable or disable tracking between vLE ports


To delete a virtual link extension, use the vle-delete command:

CLI (network-admin@switch) > vle-delete name name-string

To view a virtual link extension status, use the vle-show command:


CLI (network-admin@switch) > vle-show


name       node-1   node-2   node-1-port node-2-port status tracking

---------- -------- -------- ----------- ----------- ------ --------

Test1       mynode1 mynode2   11          11          up     yes