Configuring Thresholds on SNMP Processes

When an external browser or SNMP collector contacts the SNMP daemon on Netvisor, the SNMP daemon queries the nvOSd for details. However, the SNMP daemons (snmpd or nvOS_snmpd) can hog the CPU and memory of the system  causing out of memory and kill  processes such as  nvOSd. Configuring the  CPU and memory-limit thresholds mitigates this issue.

Netvisor ONE enables you to set thresholds for CPU and memory of snmpd and nvOS_snmpd processes on Linux platforms.  To configure the threshold values for CPU and memory, use the snmp-limit-modify command:

CLI (network-admin@switch01*) > snmp-limit-modify

Specify one or more of the following options:

cpu-limit cpu-limit-string

Specify the maximum cpu usage of SNMP services in percentage.

mem-limit mem-limit-number

Specify the Maximum memory usage of SNMP services in bytes (+K,M,G or T).

To view the thresholds for CPU and memory, use the snmp-limit-show command:

CLI (network-admin@switch01*) > snmp-limit-show


cpu-limit: 0%

mem-limit: 0

The value zero (0) indicates that no threshold is configured and supports unlimited usage of CPU and memory.

To set the thresholds, for example,  of 50% for CPU and 1 G for memory using the command,

CLI (network-admin@switch01*) > snmp-limit-modify mem-limit 1G cpu-limit 50

CLI (network-admin@draco01*) > snmp-limit-show

cpu-limit: 50%

mem-limit: 1G