Insight Analytics Flow Custom Tags Geolocation Mapping File

There are features and functions used in UNUM Manager and UNUM Analytics that are common throughout the user interface (UI). Please refer to the Common Functions section for more information on the use of these functions and features.

Private IP to Geolocation Mapping File. UNUM Insight Analytics Flow allows users to provide their own IP range to the geolocation mapping file at the following location. 

Use a CSV format only. 

Save the mapping file to:


Note: A template file is provided and located in the above directory.

The following is an example of the file contents. The CSV header parsing is currently not implemented. 

UNUM ignores entries when a # symbol precedes a line.,,37.338208,-121.886329,San Jose,United States,,29.760427,-95.369803,Houston,United States,,34.052234,-118.243685,Los Angeles,United States,,29.760427,-95.369803,Houston,United States,,34.052234,-118.243685,Los Angeles,United States,,41.878114,-87.629798,Chicago,United States,,40.712748,-74.005941,New York,United States,,41.878114,-87.629798,Chicago,United States

#,,40.712748,-74.005941,New York,United States

#,,37.441883,-122.143019,Palo Alto,United States

The CSV fields are:

Starting IP 

Ending IP (inclusive) 



Description (city)


Note: Stop and Start UNUM to implement any changes made to the Geolocation Mapping file.

Insight Analytics

The Private Geolocation data feature is available in the following Insight Analytics dashboards:

Insight Analytics / Flow Connections

Insight Analytics / Flow Traffic

Insight Analytics / Flow Report

Insight Analytics / Flow Dynamic Flow Mapping

Insight Analytics / Flow Custom Tags

Insight Analytics / Flow sFlow

Insight Analytics / VMWARE Connections

Insight Analytics / VMWARE Traffic

Insight Analytics / VMWARE Dynamic Flow Mapping

For more information on configuring and using the private geolocation data please refer to the How To Configure and Use Private Geolocation Use Case.

Note: As of July 2021, sFlow is no longer supported.